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Hallie DeCatherine Jones & Aron Patrick Conaway.

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Why Venus and Mars?

Born October 15, Hallie's astrological sign is Libra (the scales).
The ruling planet of Libra is Venus.

Born March 28, Aron's astrological sign is Aries (the ram).
The ruling planet of Aries is Mars.

Thus, you have Venus and Mars.

What are the roman numerals?

They translate into our wedding date - 12/16/2006.

Wedding Details
December 16th, 2006
5:00 PM
St. Paul United Methodist Church
2000 Douglass Blvd
Louisville, KY
Pastor & Ceremony Officiate:
Rev. Tom Grieb
Church phone:
(502) 459-1595
Church website:

Reception to immediately follow the wedding.

The Water Tower (Louisville Visual Art Association)
3005 River Rd
Louisville , KY
Water Tower phone:
(502) 896-2146
Water Tower website:

Registry Information

Target Club Wedd


Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Registry#: 2544636

Wedding Party
Hallie DeCatherine Jones
Aron Patrick Conaway
Mother of the Bride
Carolyn Jones
Mother of the Groom
Carol Conaway
Maid of Honor
Natalie Thompson
Best Man
Tyler Trotter

Flower Girl
Kayla Stephens

Ring Bearer
Delquan Dorsey Jr. (D.J.)
Brides Maids
Sister of the Bride
Miriam Jones

Brendan McGee
Serene Conaway
Paul Helvey
Ashlea Boyer
Nathan Salsburg
Izabella Conaway
Jeremy Saunders
Shannon Stelzer
Mike Oerther
Emily Ritter
Matt Gardiner
Amy McAlister
Patrick Jones
Kimberly Hughes
Patrick Leubbers
Kellie Stephens
Van Campbell
Jahara Brown
Matthew Jones
Ketti Tonnemacher
Ryan Scarbrough
Escort to the Bride
Guest Book Attendant
Micah Jones (Brother)
Pamela Lewis

Wedding Cake Designer
Ellen Jones
Aunt of the Bride
Phone: 502-732-6827

Decorator for the Reception
Melinda Kemper
Encore Designs, Owner

Carol Romero
Teresa Lewis

Rehearsal Dinner Food and Extra Help
Teresa Lewis

Logo, Invitation, & Web Design
Aron Conaway and Hallie Jones


Karen Weeks - Letter Press Printing

Reliable Printing Company - Color Printing

Colvin Atchison

Ramon Rodriguez

Honeymoon Plans

We've changed our plans.... We have decided to drive thru the southern states for our honeymoon and work on a photo-documentary art book. We started the book project in 2005 and already have a good deal of material. It makes sense to us that we use our honeymoon escape as an opportunity to work on our joint project. While we're in the south, we also intend to check out the Hurricane Katrina damage.

What's the book about?

You'll have to wait and see!

Photo taken in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) at the San Luchesio, March 2006


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